Photographed in Malibu wearing Free People. Shot by  Bliss Katherine.

Photographed in Malibu wearing Free People. Shot by Bliss Katherine.

It's interesting to think that we humans have an emotional center, a place where we feel safe, secure and balanced. And for each of us we have our own idea of how that looks and feels. Often our stresses, and anxieties snowball and we feel like we need to get back to that place of calm order - to stop and plant our feet on the ground so to speak before we can take another step forward. So how do we get back there?

For me I am learning that a part of finding my center is letting go of some of the idea's I have formed around what I "need" in order to feel grounded. It's good to know what makes you feel comfortable, but you can get in your own way by focusing on a list of things you "need" in order to feel good. Life doesn't always provide you with that list of comforts so if you can learn to re-group with very little then hopefully you can do it no matter what life is throwing your way. 

So here are the basics of what you need to re-ground yourself: 

Nature. Physically grounding yourself in nature is one of the most powerful things you can do. Sit in a park, or by a body of water, or under a tree. Listen to all the sounds around you. Close your eyes. Plant your feet on the ground (if it's warm enough go barefoot and feel earth on your skin, or dip your feet in the ocean). If you live in a cold place pour yourself a hot bath, feel the water and allow it to let you float effortlessly. Allow yourself to just be, observe, and connect with your surroundings. The tree pose, or Childs pose in yoga are my favorites to sink into, and get my body connected with nature and the physical ground.

Unplug. The more you disconnect with technology the more you can protect your energy to look inward and reconnect with yourself (or others if you are an extrovert and get re-charged from being around people). 

Let your friends/loved ones in on what your feeling. When I'm feeling anxious the more I try to hide it or hold it in the bigger it seems to get inside. Even just saying the words "I'm feeling anxious" (or however you're feeling) out loud, takes the power away from the emotion. Usually whoever I'm with (sometimes even an uber driver lol!) will have some kind of insight that helps. It also takes the pressure off of yourself when you stop acting like everything is perfect when it's not, and in most cases the people you share your story with will share something similar they have experienced or are struggling with at that moment. 

Write it out to find clarity. A part of feeling centered for me is having clear thoughts, and feeling organized so I can have free mental space for creative projects. Sometimes if I have a lot of To Do's floating around in my mind it feels overwhelming and I don't know where to start. That is when I pick up my pen and start putting it all down on paper so I can see it. 

If I notice I'm having a lot of negative thoughts I like to break them down into 2 categories:

Worry | Solution 

For every worry write down a possible solution beside it, even if it is small, this will help you realize that you have the power to resolve things. 

Put all your focus on the present moment. Often when we don't feel grounded it's because we feel like we are missing out on something, maybe our minds are fixated on something that happened in the past, or we are future tripping and worry about what's next. Give your energy to the present moment and enjoy it for what it is. 

Remember it's all a matter of perspective. When you wake up choose to look at life through a lens of light and love. Imagine you put this lens over your eyes and walk through your day with it in mind. Think of at least 3 things you are grateful for and try to exude an abundance of love and well being, rather than thinking about what you don't have. Even if you have to pretend in the beginning, eventually when you go through your days with this sense of positivity it can bring new opportunities in your life. The lovely thing about sharing positive energy is that you can brighten someone else's day which is perhaps the most rewarding and grounding thing you can do. 

We all have different little rituals that help us feel peaceful, balanced, comfortable in the moment, and confident. Ask yourself when are some times that you have felt this way? What were the circumstances? And how can you get back there with what you have right now? Centering yourself takes practice, like most things in life. The more you do it, the more it will become second nature and hopefully your default state of mind.