Daily Wellness Routine

A few years ago I was struggling with some health issues. I was constantly traveling for work and overworking myself. My body was in a constant state or fight or flight anxiety, and my adrenal glands were overcompensating. I started working with a naturopath who was able to give me some natural stress relieving tools, as well as help me create a daily (loose) routine that I could take with me everywhere I went which really helped develop a set of tools I could refer to when I was feeling stressed. 

So here is my daily routine that I try to take with me wherever I go: 


  • Develop a consistent sleep and wake time. 
  • Turn off electronics 3 hours before bed. This is obviously really hard for our technology addicted selves but it gives your body and mind time to wind down into rest mode without constant stimulation. I set my phone to "Night Shift" mode about 3 hours before bed as a reminder to get off my phone, power down the tv, and read a book, write, or have a bath.
  • Turn your phone on airplane mode when you go to sleep, or if you must keep it on leave it outside of your bedroom. 
  • Avoid social media first thing in the morning. Allow yourself to wake up and become present for your day. Stretch, have a hot water with lemon and a nutrient dense breakfast. 


  • Move your body/sweat once a day. Go for a walk, do yoga, go for a run, spin, hit the gym, whatever...just do what YOU like. There's no point in forcing yourself to do a form of exercise you don't enjoy because chances are you won't maintain it. Seek out the nature around you and soak up all it has to offer. 
  • Listen to your body. Are you hungry or thirsty? Are you fatigued? If you are having certain cravings it could be because you are missing out on certain nutrients. Make sure you are giving your body the fuel (water, protein, good fats and amino acids, greens, vitamins and minerals) it needs. Try to be present when you eat and eat at consistent times each day. 
  • Meditate. This one still doesn't come naturally to me but the more consistent I am with it, the easier it gets. If you prefer guided meditation there are classes or apps you can use (I like the app "Calm"). Start with 5 min each day (wherever it fits best, morning/mid day/before bed). Then gradually try to increase so you are at the very least mediating 10 - 15 min to free your mind. 
  • Dedicate at least 30 min to "ME TIME" everyday. Do whatever makes your soul feel rejuvenated. Take a bath with essential oils, read a book, listen to a podcast, sing, play an instrument, paint, or take a class in a new hobby. Honour yourself by being present in doing something you love. "Me time" is the least selfish thing you can do, because all the people around you will benefit from your renewed energy afterwards. 

Be kind to your sweet-selves!