Finding Home (Health) - My Story

Photographed by Bliss Katherine.

Photographed by Bliss Katherine.

I want to use this space to share my own experiences, what I have learned, and insight from the the people in my life that I learn from. So here is a little info on my personal journey...

An ongoing personal challenge for myself has been to find home. I used to define home as one place that you could always come back to. A place that is filled with the people you love and your most precious belongings. A place where you felt completely comfortable. I thought a place like that could surely set you up to be a confident, successful individual. That must be what I was missing I thought. 

I moved around very frequently as a child with my family and I began traveling internationally for my career as a model at the age of 16 which I still continue to do today. I absolutely love traveling and change has been the most constant thing in my life, however not having roots has it's disadvantages. Growing from a girl into a woman in the epicenter of the fashion industry also has it's downsides. I suddenly felt like I was thrown into a marathon I didn't sign up for, and the finish line (perfection) seemed to slip further and further away from me. I started to realize that I was losing myself. Over the course of a few years bouncing from Paris to Milan with nothing to my name but a suitcase and a business card with my body measurements on it. I had become a slave to the pressure of agents, clients, and the industry at large. This nomadic lifestyle lacking any form of routine or stability was wreaking havoc on my mental and physical health. 

I knew that if I wanted to continue doing creative work in the fashion and film industry, I would have to start doing it on my own terms. I would have to shift my goal of achieving "perfection" and redefine my goal of "home" as a feeling inside oneself, rather than a place. I wanted that home within myself to be filled with feelings of empowerment, positive energy, comfort, mindfulness, safety, and confidence. This is when I started to paint my own picture of what home/health could look like. To me it boiled down to learning how to accept and acknowledge what I already have (mind/body/soul), and learning how to take care of it. 

I hope to offer sound advice along my journey of cultivating a healthy, full, and meaningful life!