with BB Dakota

A coastal adventure with BB Dakota's carefree spring looks...beachcombing for seashells and treasures as the sun goes down with fresh citrus + salt water air.

Shot along the magical shores of Vancouver, Canada. 

Photographed by Carly Dame.

Art direction by Carly & I.

On collaborating with Carly...

Carly and I met a couple years ago and the best way I could describe her would be like a little fairy who spreads magic with her film camera’s and if your lucky you’ll even see her dust on some of her raw untouched film photos. A true artist Carly traded her 9-5 job as an accountant to pursue her dreams of being a photographer and travel the world. Last year her and her boyfriend (a talented musician) toured across the united states in their school bus. Truly cool. But also truly sincere and sweet. She always has a collection of fun props to play with when we shoot and there is always a layer of a story that we unfold together. 

Here are a couple photos I snapped of Carly behind the scenes.

Sending warm spring summer vibes